Monday, February 14, 2011

Projects for this week

So I guess I'm feeling a little ambitious this week and have several projects in the works.

First, I'm making a fleece soaker (diaper cover) using this pattern and tutorial.


Then, I'm making a skirt for Nora using this tutorial (looks super easy!):


I'm making William a pair of pants from this pattern and a matching onesie (probably another tie one but I haven't decided for sure yet):


and finally, I'm making a camera case for our little video camera (which seems to be misplaced all of a sudden) using this tutorial:


I'd also like to make Nora another pillowcase dress out of the owl fabric, but I'm afraid I'm taking on too much as is because I also have more rag letters to do! So some of this might spill over into next week.

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